Manuel Pellón Photography

Manuel Pellon – Manuel is New York City-based, well-established professional landscape, architecture, design, and portfolio photographer. Manuel is a distinguished professional with excellent communication skills. He knows what the customer wants and how to achieve common goals.


Giorgi Mikanadze attests to his outstanding contributions in helping me grow my business as an Entrepreneur in the United States. I have known Giorgi for four years and have had the privilege of working closely with him and already with his company.

When I first arrived in New York City, establishing and expanding my photography business seemed insurmountable. Also, NYC is a competitive market in art and especially the photography field. However, everything changed when I had the good fortune of crossing paths with Giorgi. From the beginning, he demonstrated exceptional expertise and a genuine desire to help me succeed.

Giorgi’s extensive knowledge of the local market and strategic guidance has been invaluable to my professional growth. He provided valuable insights on Strategic Planning, marketing strategies, industry trends, and networking opportunities that helped me establish a strong presence in the competitive photography scene of New York City. He also guided me to establish my company. In addition, his unwavering support and mentorship also allowed me to overcome obstacles and reach new heights. Thanks to Giorgi’s guidance, I have achieved remarkable success as a photographer. My business has flourished, and I have been fortunate to work on numerous high-profile projects. You can check my page already. We are in the progress of working. Giorgi’s guidance has positioned me as a respected professional in the industry. Collaboration with him supported me to overcome challenges. Thanks to these results, I have three employees and plan to hire more people in my field.

Beyond his expertise, Giorgi’s genuine care and dedication have made a lasting impact on me. He took the time to understand my unique circumstances and provided tailored advice to navigate the challenges I faced. In addition, his unwavering belief in my potential, and continuous encouragement instilled in me a newfound confidence, that has been integral to my success.

Manuel Pellón
CEO and owner of Manuel Pellón Photography 27 LLC