Gvantsa Gvichia

Giorgi and I have known each other since we met at the university. From the very beginning he was distinguished by boundless purposefulness and ambitious plans.

His interesting character led us to make friends with each other. At the beginning of our career, we chose a different way of career development. I started working for a fairly successful bank. Giorgi was actively involved in analytical  and research activities, in various projects and was engaged in civic activism,which was strange to me. I always advised him to show interestin the banking sector. I know he had some suggestions in this regard, though it was clear that he had different interests. He was preparing for something more. Several years later, I also gave up my routine activities.

One day he called me telling that the prestigious Ilia University Business School was inviting lecturer practitioner and offeredme to give lectures. It was too hard to imagine myself as a lecture and a scientific worker. I knew that Giorgi himself had made a great contribution to the establishment and development of this business school. He, together with the school team, was involved in the staff policy as well as in the efforts to improve the educational processes. Although I was not interested in this issue, in just an hour I started thinking absolutely differently. I became more self-confident and realized that I would cope with this process. It was the first time I had clearly discovered his special ability.

He has a unique ability that I have rarely seen. I think he really has a talent for helping people to achieve success, arrange exciting lives and overcome difficulties.

Currently, I know it for sure that my additional scientific and lecturer activities make my life beautiful, I have enthusiasm, interest and additional income. It can be said that Giorgi has opened the doors for me in an interesting field. I probably can not imagine myself without it now.

Gvantsa Gvichia

Financier, Business Lecturer,

Director of the Association of Leasing Companies.