Giorgi Mikanadze – a mentor, a business coach, with more than 10 years of teaching experience at various universities. A civil activist, a public speaker, with many years of experience of working in NGO sector and mass media. Giorgi has the experience of working both in private and public sectors. He is very experienced, purposefulness, has a wide circle of friends, special skills and the ability to establish relationships.

What do we do –Sometimes we have everything we want in the life –a house, family, relatives, friends, work, health – but we do not have the feeling of satisfaction, we are irritated, maybe even full of conflicts, we can not find real comfort, we constantly look for something and can not find it. We do not know what we look for. As if we know exactly what the solution is and we can formulate it perfectly, but we fail to reach the desired situation.

It is usually characteristical for the current reality and is annoying for all intelligent and interesting people. However, for more productivity, more results, more comfort, sometimes we need assistance from outside. Maybe, we cannot realize it, but this is so. A source of inspiration may be a friend, a family member, a passer-by, a spiritual mentor, a phrase heard on television or radio, or the opinion read by us. Yes, the environment may organize us. However, if you see a space where someone will work for you in this direction, you have much better chance to get the desired outcome and to spread your “wings.” Our space serves this goal. If you trust and are interested in fill in the communication form.

Giorgi Mikanadze about the new initiative : I am accumulating all my experiences, education, skills and efforts for your interesting life and success. This initiative is not my choice; the reality has led us to it. I fully realize that your happiness is my challenge.

I understand it properly, because I observe it as an onlooker. I have to break down the stereotype. You know it well and I would like to remind youone again that you can dare to do what you can. These efforts will definitely bring desired results. Don’t let circumstances to define our context and our needs in this life, which is full of interesting, diversified and unlimited opportunities.

I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that we request it every day from each other : to stand by, to express sympathy, to encourage, to deal with problems, to recognize and to feel own dignity, to be satisfied with life, to help others and to make full use of our abilities. The crisis of each person and the entire society is triggered from these issues, which is then directly related to the well-being and future of the country.

I don’t think it would be exaggerating to say that every day I receive letters of encouragement and thanks. It is so convincing and persuasive that it has become the source of my inspiration, so I took a bold step – I realize how much we need each other and everything that seems to be enough for happiness is not enough at all.

If you think that we should stand together in this sphere, please contact me, it will be the start of the relationship, a new stage, pleasant ties.

Together with you, I will make attempts to create a space where people care about each other as never before.

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