What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching is a set of techniques applied in different circumstances and occasions in our life. It is the process of supporting people with all aspects of their lives and challenges, from human development to professional success and many others.
What makes a person happy and prosperous?
Each of us has a different attitude because we have various values and beliefs about what we want to achieve, how we will achieve it, and how we feel about success in general.
My work includes face-to-face, over a video call, or communications through e-mail or phone.

Directions which we are covering:
Success Coaching
Each of us often seeks for guidance because we feel unfulfilled and hunting for personal success or happiness.
We will identify what truly matters. This usually involves transcending the tangible measurement of monetary wealth and possessions to find happiness and success in more human aspects of life and living. We will classify short and long-term goals in the context of the clarified idea of success.
Personal Development Coaching
All we are seeking to improve ourselves in one or various forms. We understand that life is valuable, and we want to get the most out of our potential.
Personal Development Coaching covers a wide variety of areas, including identifying ways to increase happiness, love, wealth, and overall life enjoyment. It is a Personal Development Coach’s role to help the client become aware of their natural strengths. I will facilitate the development of self-love, confidence, and a positive mind-set.
Motivational Coaching
Often we are struggling to stay positively motivated and achieve our goals. Manager and business teams also benefit from motivational coaching, especially in terms of transition or corporate instability.
People may come to a Motivational Coach to seek guidance for individual concerns they might not feel comfortable discussing with friends or family.
My role is to help you identify real circumstances and support find a solution that will remodel the attitude.
Managers often have stress from large amounts of duty. Often things are not going as smoothly as hoped; they can turn to us to transform their attitude, fears, beliefs, opinions, and self-devotion.

What is Business Coaching?

A smart Business Coach will be able to identify a person’s strengths, skills, and talents.
I will guide the client as they develop action steps that maximize their expertise and mindset, providing feedback and encouragement as they progress to their goals and reach their full potential.
Prosperous people understand that success happens by carefully pursuing specific steps, measuring progress, and celebrating the milestones along the way. We will actualize successful business practices together. We will develop productive work environments, fulfil motivational approaches, and provide tools to overcome obstacles.

Directions which we are covering:

Leadership Coaching
Leadership Coaching contributes to business leaders looking for support to enhance their communication and relationships with partners, co-workers, and team members. Top and middle management, owners, seeking leaders, and other decision-makers need this support.
The Leadership Coach’s role is to facilitate and support the client’s development of the best leadership techniques and reach higher success levels.
Conditions may include coaching on short-term issues such as dealing with a crisis or a severe lack of team motivation.


Entrepreneur Coaching
Entrepreneurs differ from the very young with little experience and big ambitions to older, more experienced business people who require support in certain entrepreneurship areas.
Clients may be in the process of starting a new business adventure or struggling to make their current experience succeed.
The coach encourages the entrepreneur to make the right decision-making process and supports well-understanding business principles and management processes. The coach supports the entrepreneur to achieve desire goals.

Prices differs from

One month package:
* Individual in-person or online one-time session $75
* Three 60-minute sessions: $210 + limited contact between sessions
* Three 60-to 90-minute (about 1 and a half hours) sessions with unlimited contact between sessions: $500

Six-month package:
* One 60-minute session a month for six months: $800 between sessions unlimited contact
* Up to four 60–90-minute session a month for six months: $1800 unlimited contact between sessions
* Up to two 60–90-minute session every week or other week as requested for six months: $3500 unlimited contact between sessions

24/7 email or messenger access to answer urgent questions between calls (in caase of unlimited contact)
  • For the specific target we will figure out price individually
  • Satisfied clients are more than welcome to assume and pay tips according to their satisfaction
In any other specific concern please communicate us through appointment field

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