Peggy Kiana Damon B.Sc.

I met George in New York City from a mutual friend, and this was when my journey with him as my life coach started. George has this uncanny ability to “read me” as if he has known me all his life. This extraordinary ability is the secret ingredient that has helped me tremendously while transitioning and expanding my business. At this time, I had self-doubts and fears that prevented me from making critical decisions in my business. I don’t know how and which moment it happened, but I felt colossal energy and power in myself. I put all my ideas together, which taught me to have the courage to achieve the impossibilities. To be honest, I dared to start working, achieve my dreams again. His mind is so purely positive that it is a life-giving spring of water after the long winter. To know Mr. Mikanadze is to see where all life and growth may begin in your life. His inner being of thinking somehow connected to my life philosophies and has ultimately impacted my life forever. The abundant living mentality is what Georgi instilled in my heart. I can apply this mentality to my business dealings, which, by the way, has flourished exponentially more than ever! Georgi can focus within your soul with laser like focus and understands how to navigate to achieve breakthroughs for you. Georgi helped me to recognize the “fear bottlenecks” that were inhibiting the full potential of my capabilities. Once he opened up that channel, it was as if I was finally able to blossom in my life, and all the unwanted distractions disappeared. I always had a unique and exciting life. But, I still had a feeling like I can do more, I deserve more, and I do something wrong. If u ever had this feeling, you will agree with me; it is a terrible feeling. From the beginning, I was skeptical because he is from a different culture, and I have pretty high self-confidence and experience. But he broke all my stereotypes. I realized that this is what makes one limitless with exponential potential in self-evolution. I don’t have intensive communications with George for now, according to my challenges, but the hope that I have about him – can do wonders in my life.


Peggy Kiana Damon B.Sc.
Foreign Currency Entrepreneur
New York
United States of America