Nino Kereselidze

Nino Kereselidze Psychologist, psychotherapist, gestalt therapist. Head of psychology centre of Davitianni


It is important for every person to have support in difficult situations. Unfortunately, many people do not have the ability to make you find ways to stand up for yourself, to make you feel that you can do everything.It is very important for me to focus on this characteristic while speaking about Giorgi : motivation, purposefulness and diplomacy, these are the very important aspects he often give people around him. There was a period at the beginning of my career when I often thought whether it was the way I could pass through and whether I was good enough for my profession and plans, I have often talked to Giorgi about these issues and after each conversation I was persuaded that I really have the power and energy to turn any my idea into a reality. When I was in a difficult situation and had a feeling of deadlocks, Giorgi always stood by my side, gave me the direction and taught me to find a way out, which is one of the most justified ways of personal growth and success.

I remember his works when I had a fear of failure : “I believe in you and don’t you believe in yourself?” It is important for me to mention here his special ability to make you a leader, to teach how to achieve great and special goals.

Giorgi trusted me when no one else believed in me, everyone though my idea was just an idea. There was the time when I told myself : I will be like others, he appeared at just the right timeand turned my plans upside down. He has clearly shown me that everything, including the most difficult and indomitablethings, is possible.

Giorgi is among those persons, who can not pass your life without leaving a trace. The most important thing you need is to be open for changes.