Nino Ablotia

Nini Ablotia – She has done a research doctorate (PhD) at Universidad de Alcalá (Spain) andPanevropskávysokáškola (Slovakia); She was an assistant professor atthe above mentioned universities. She is actively involved in the field of education and is a PhD student at Caucasus International University – in the direction of Business Administration. Ninihas studied at several European universities within Erasmus + exchange program. She is the exemplary young person with her intention and diligence.


The words have a great power. The well-chosen words are the greatest.

Every person has a period of time through his/her lifetime when he/she has to fight against himself/herself, I remember, Giorgi was a real discovery for me and my peers, during this period of time.

Giorgi taught me how to choose my dream, make it into my purpose and follow it until it comes true, to do the job that I love, to believe in my own abilities and to constantly work on the personal development!

His words became inspiration and great motivation to set healthy goals, to have high standards of evaluation, and never accept the reality and to do everything to make change in it!

I am glad that his well-chosen words helped me to trust in myself again and gave me the charge to come to the point where I am now.

I think that Giorgi and the people like Giorgi give a great strength to the people around them, help them to find themselves and change the world for the better!