Gvantsa Khuluzauri

Gvantsa Khuluzauri – Parliament of Georgia, Head of Bureau of the Majoritarian MP at the N38 Constituency District ; Executive Board member of The National association of local authorities of Georgia ; Member of Dusheti municipality Council;Lecturer at Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani University


“It is not about life, It is about life style” – this is the phrase that is definitely associated with Giorgi Mikanadze and this phrase really changed my attitude towards life.

I was still a student when I realized my next and the next successful career after my conversation with Giorgi. I was the third -year student when I changed my profession and I think it was the first serious, but the best decision I received with his help.

Giorgi helped me to be less focused on the mistakes I made in the past and to use the new prospects correctly instead of thinking about the reasons for failures. He helped me to realize my importance and to find my possibilities,  that I did not give priority in the past, and myself correctly (for example : my public speeches that I thought of my weakness a few years ago and today I consider it one of my strengths).

I can not say that he gives me a specific advice or guide me. I just communicate and understand many things. As if, I find myself in him. When making the most important decisions, he helps me in discussing all possible options, after which I understand what I want to do and what is my purpose. His, as an excellent inspirator’s, main dignity is: he can help me to understand exactly what my goal, what changes are needed and to show my own abilities correctly.

I am glad that I have been working with him for many years. I am sure everyone who is still looking for himself/herself, is planning his/her own career, has a desire to succeed or just does not feel comfortable, needs changes and needs to get on the right path, to develop or implement result-oriented actions – Giorgi Mikanadze is a person who will help him/her to reach it.