Giorgi Kalandia

Giorgi Kalandia – a historian, a journalist and a perfect manager. He is the Head of the Art Palace. Giorgi Kalandia is among those people whom you can be proud of.  He has done a lot of good work for Georgia. Now, Giorgicontinues his creative works and will do many good things for our country and society. He is one of the great and prominent Georgians.


Giorgi Mikanadze is an extraordinarily good person …

There are a lot of extraordinary and good persons, but there are quite a few people, who are extraordinary and good simultaneously.  So, Mr. Mikanadze is a rare exception. “What makes him unique?! He can speak very calmly, unexitedly about even explosive, dangerous events and to foment not conflict, but to seek the truth. The style of his conversation is always convincing and the art of speechifying helps him to do so. Therefore, even in our contradictory society, there is no person who does not characterize Mikanadze as a positive person.

Giorgi is a very sociable person and his relationship with people always makes new ideas, motivations and inspirations possible! I think many people need his talent and skills today.

His inner culture and intellectuality perfectly pairs with his noble appearance. I think Giorgi Mikanadze would be a brilliant diplomat, who can defuse the most critical and tense situations.