George Buginiashvili

George Bugianishvili Student at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Faculty of Economics and Business. Demonstrated experience in Digital Business Services (SAP – Prague office) and Banking sector (VTB bank Georgia) as well as Government Administration Industry (Ministry of Finance of Georgia) Healthy Lifestyle follower and Challenge-oriented person with Entrepreneurial spirit.


The enthusiastic living a healthy lifestyle and having an entrepreneurial spirit.

You will agree with me that sometimes there is the moment when you are standing at the cross-roads of your life and trying to make a principle decision, but you do not have enough boldness, enough self-confidence. If you are lucky, a person will appear who gives you a stimulus to be the best version of yourself.

The collaboration between Giorgi Mikanadze and me was held with the prospect of “moving mountains.”

If he sees that you are a  globally minded person, he will tag you in favorites, then he lavishly use his energy and efforts to promote you, because he understands that making investments in education and human capital has no alternative.

He says that this energy is not lost, we fertilize and increase it hundredfold and then this energy is coming back.

I would like to remind one history involving paradigm to life in order to better demonstrate the importance of his efforts:

Once, when I was doing shopping, I saw one old woman who was selling apples. She was sad; it was obvious that she was burdened with problems. I came to her, told her that the apple, she was selling, was good. I do not know why, but I wanted to console her. It was like a challenge for me. I just paid attention. I bought some apples and wished her a happy day. I did all this very involuntarily. The woman changed, she was happy because of my attitude, she was smiling and she blessed me. About one hour later, when I was coming back, I saw that she had almost sold her apples. She smiled at me, as if she was grateful to me. I remember my emotions, self-esteem that I did it and the feeling of the result. Maybe, it’s not a business case, but our emotional personality is made and established from everyday life and then it is reflected in results. I was the winner and happy at that moment.

After some time, I recalled my conversation with Giorgi, when he talked about the importance of the  power of words and the magical power of the positive mood. I realized that just Giorgi, the literature provided by him and conversations with him, inspired my seemingly unreasonable action. He helped me in understanding these issues at the subconscious level.

You can call him a healthy thinker, a person with high emotional intelligence, or a man who is awarded with a distinctive ability to work with audience and oratorical talent.  Continuation of this list looks like an attempt to count cell tissue in the body – you can not count. However, for me, firs of all Giorgi Mikanadze is a worthy person who has great talent for doing good things, expressing empathy and positive mood.

I’m lucky.