Diana Inanashvili

Diana Inanashvili – PR and Integrated Marketing Communications Specialist.

Realist forever – I am “here and now” person. I always look the reality straight in the eyes; But there are some issues that are critically difficult for me to manage. It concerns the experiences of stress and its management process. I almost do not go to funerals, only in very exceptional cases, because this is a very hard fact for me. There is nothing new that the lose someone we love causes the greatest stress. I will never forget Giorgi’s face when I arrived for his father’s funeral. Giorgi was absolutely calm, worthy and sustained during this great stress. Whenever I suffer from a severe stress, I remember this moment and I find strength in myself to deal with the situation around me. I am incredibly grateful for the lesson I received from Giorgi in such a difficult moment for him. Giorgi made it possible for me to accept the fact of death adequately.

Multitasking is one of the main challenges of the modern world – the talent and skill of the simultaneous engagement in various activities. Giorgi Mikanadze is an excellent example of multitasking . He manages to be the head of the business (manager), the academic leader, the leader – who can lead a team and simultaneously one of the ordinary players – a tug force in the same work he leads. This skill has many times become a source of inspiration for me. I believe that one of the best skills that one can possibly have is the ability to do many things simultaneously and with the same success though walking the right way in both business and human relationships.

One thing is that you have everything and the other – to share it with others. I developed this skill in myself at the example of Giorgi and I will always be grateful to him.