Davit Pitiurishvili

Davit Pitiurishvili –  Head of Real Estate and Construction Sector – JSC TBC Leasing; Doctor of PhD (PhD), Professor


Giorgi Mikanadze appeared several years ago in the most interesting stage of my life and moved me to change my mentality. Since I met him, Giorgi helped me in learning to love myself, think positively, expend my happiness and express my gratitude. Every day I am surprised by the deep and professional conversations between us.

Positive! This is his most distinguishing characteristic feature for me. He helped me to see and learn taking on so much responsibility that I could not imagine earlier. It is a wonderful fact that after each meeting he wakes up new visions, attitudes, goals and aspirations in me.

It may be hard to believe, but he taught me to love and appreciate myself. It is worth mentioning that the chaotic conditions in which I have repeatedly found myself have been a good experience and now I know exactly what I want and how to do it.

And finally, Giorgi taught me :

  • To appreciate my own strengths
  • To discover my weaknesses and deal with them
  • I started positive thinking
  • I became grateful to the world and started exploring and using its opportunities

Thank you for everything!