Ana Gzirishvili

Ana Gzirishvili – Ana is successfully leading various projects. She is distinguished by generating ideas, hard working and purposeful. In the private and public sector, she has a great experience in various positions. Ana is the founder and PR manager of HR hub, Editor in chief of and The TV presenter and the columnist of the TV series “Business Morning”.


I have known Giorgi for years. We first met when he was my lecturer when I was studying a Master’s degree.

Giorgi has made a valuable contribution in my career. He gave me the opportunity to deal with “great things”. Giorgi tasked me to arrange the PR of one of the youth organizations. While working with him, I learned that there is no word “can not”. His most demanding attitude taught me to find a way out of critical situations. For example, I learned how to implement large projects or activities using zero budget and it always helps me in all my activities. Most importantly, Giorgi helped me to expand my social circle. I have met with successful people from different fields and made friends with them.

Giorgi has the ability to notice talent and possibilities in people and to help them to improve their abilities, to show them the right direction for blazing a trail themselves. Giorgi constantly gives a stimulus for not being satisfied with what you currently have and to demand more from yourself and the life. In fact, he gives you a great chance to see more and change a lot of things for the better, which is very helpful for your personal and professional growth. Also, to find comfort in tensions and to improve your self-esteem.

Working with him is a great lesson for me, helping me to be established as a professional and in my everyday success and progress.